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There’s an unending debate about which one of traditional or modern marketing is better and more suited to the current trends. Where traditional marketing methods are losing relevance by the day, modern marketing methods are not getting the required hold at the industry at the same pace. So the pertinent question becomes, which one is better and how should brands approach this phase of transition. Let’s start by looking at the overview and then diving deep into various parameters. 



Traditional marketing is a promoting or advertising activity used by various companies to come to light. Methods of Traditional Marketing may include print advertisements, such as newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads. Other traditional marketing methods include television spots or commercials, as well as radio spots used for advertising a business, product or services. 

Modern Marketing has replaced the idea of traditional marketing with innovative and creative marketing tactics. These fresh methods often revolve around the internet. Companies use social media platforms and online ad campaigns to expand their audience. Companies can develop web pages or blogs that provide up-to-date information on their product or services. They develop an online network to stay connected to their audience so that they can easily understand their needs, wants or alternatives. 



TRADITIONAL MARKETING has its area to expand. Below are just a few reasons why traditional marketing is considered as a great effort for future marketing goals.

  • GREAT EXPOSURE: The traditional marketing approach brings in more attention from the people and also gets in your potential customers. Some of the potential customers are not online and some might not even have immediate access to the internet. Some customers aren’t tech-savvy, using traditional marketing methods helps the brand get greater exposure. 
  • NEW AUDIENCE- Traditional mass media, such as billboards, television, and radio, allow you to reach a large population across many different demographics. The audiences of mass media are spread across a vast geographical area, and by reaching such a large number of them, the brand is bound to get noticed by new audiences that it may not have been targeting. 
  • IT’S PERSONAL- Every person likes to get recognized may it be from a seller. Customers believe someone with whom they can interact and with someone, they feel a connection with. Customers feel special if they receive a birthday gift from the seller. Though traditional media is not so “in” today, recognition and connection are something that every customer wants and that is something a digital platform misses on. 
  • TANGIBILITY- How nice it is if people can look through a brand's brochure or printed material at their leisure. Even business cards are highly effective as they remind the customer about your existence and it can be kept with them at all times. Tangible items are good ways to bring the brand to the customers, rather than relying on them to find your business on other platforms, and possibly finding a competitor instead.



Where traditional has a different ground to play on, digital marketing has its own game and advantages.

  • TARGET AUDIENCE- Digital media brings to you your potential customers as compared to the traditional media. The billboards or the radio ad may not be relevant to every person watching your brand. The digital platform allows you to advertise to your target market
  • COST-EFFICIENT- As compared to traditional platforms, digital platforms are low on budget. It is quite easy for small businesses to flash on digital platforms because small businesses don't have enough resources for traditional media marketing. 
  • TURN CUSTOMERS INTO CONSUMERS- When a customer sees an advertisement on social media or any other e-commerce website, he/she can buy the product as soon as they make up their mind to buy it. In traditional marketing, the advertisement creates a need but as soon as the advertisement is over, people tend to forget and have the mentality to buy it later. Digital platforms directly turn customers into consumers.


After looking this deep into the parameters, you might think it’s not about adopting either of these methods. Maybe the most optimal thing to do is make a sustainable mix of these methods and leverage it to generate more revenue. Hence it’d be safe to say that the business that will create the most optimum mix of these marketing methods can thrive in this phase. 


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