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Importance of Gifs and Memes in Online Content

Importance of Gifs and Memes in Online Content

Just as spices adds to the taste of the food to make it more delicious, GIFs and Memes makes the content more interesting. They provide information in an entertaining way
We have reached at a point where we can easily communicate without saying or typing a single word.

Millennial generation with shorter span of attention and quick gratification Gifs and Memes can pose as a perfect blend. People literally love images; they are eye-catching, memorable and can be shared very conveniently. Authentic and engaging content enables to connect the audience.


GIFs-Stands for Graphic Interchange Format and are compressed image file (multiple frames) which animates sequence automatically. They boost of being viral status!!. Gifs are the most appropriate tool to pull attention and help build strong connection. Its unique visual pieces make it all the more royal

Reason to include GIFs:
1.It’s more of a fun and creative way to communicate
2Let’s you create meaningful stories and explain the messages in just few seconds.
3.The messages come across in an impactful manner.
4.Ideas and attitudes are conveyed with a sense of humor.
5.Increases engaging time of the audience
6.Leads to "Call to Action"
7.It is of crucial importance of when and where to use the gifs

1.Understand and know the audience.
2.Add only where ever it’s necessary i.e. do not overuse it.
3.Ensure that the audience is aware of the context.


Memes-Memes are the most relevant way to communicate with the millennial generation. Memes are images that are paired with clever phrases. Humor being its main component, makes in an effective way to reach audience and encourage interaction.

Reasons to include Memes:
1.Memes helps with increasing engagement, influence and ability to share.
2.It has the ability to connect emotionally with the audience which makes it more memorable.
3.As they are easy to create one can customize each relating to the content and achieve the goals.
4.Its popularity aspect helps to pass on the communication or message in an effective and impactful manner.

1.Ensure what the meme means and how it would relate to the content.
2.Understand the time and situation
3.Do not overuse memes



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