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It's not a recent phenomenon that Instagram has also been used by the brands as an important handle to expand their social media presence.It's not as big as Facebook is today but it's getting there. Where we definitely can see the difference in Facebook being the mass audience platform and Instagram being the more customized kind of platform. Facebook has pretty strict promotional rules,and hashtags that are searched for on Facebook are tied with influencers, brands and publishers, rather than individuals. Instagram handles are more specifically used by the brands that wants to directly target more of the younger population around the world.

Also there's been a shift in the trends and brands have realised that it's about engaging more than selling . Hence Instagram comes out to be that platform which engages with the customer and helps in brand retention in the minds of the consumer. Instagram generates around 95 million photos posted on its platform each day. As a result, Instagram incorporates the (#) hashtag system to effectively deliver the right content to the right people. What is of utmost interest here is that the hashtags are completely ruling the Instagram handles of these Brands. Businesses have been leveraging them for almost as long as they’ve been on the scene. There’s no dispute that they’re an essential part of a successful social media marketing strategy. The hashtag has become an important aspect to digital interaction, allowing people across different social media platforms to be brought together under the same idea.

Let's go through a Hashtag Guide:

  • How To Use Hashtags For Your Business

Take a look at what hashtags are currently being used by competition, personal inspiration, or personal profiles and quickly get an idea to generate better hashtags. Make a list of what they’re hashtagging on their own photos and dive deeper into what key influencers in your industry are hashtagging (Influencers define their success by their large social media following, so it may help to take a glance at what they do).

  • Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are those that are currently popular. They don’t stay “in” forever, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When used wisely, they can give your social media marketing strategy a short-term-boost. That is until you get on board with the next trend.

  • Narrow down important Hashtags

There are two reasons a more specific, smaller-volume hashtag benefits brands: first, brands can compete in a smaller pool, and second, users are more likely to find what they need if they search for something specific. 91% of brands use seven or fewer hashtags per post. However, brands can’t ever know how many hashtags work best until they’re tested. When doing research on the key hashtags for a business, take advantage of the other related tags that social media platforms may show.

  • Use Hashtags With Brand Campaigns

It’s important to get creative and come up with a hashtag that’s unique and memorable for brands. Avoid common phrases and stick with something that can be easily associated with your brand and unlikely to be used in reference to something else. Campaign hashtags can be useful for generating momentum for an idea, promoting a new product or upcoming event, or even just inspiring people.

  • Attract people that were previously out of reach.

Those that keep up with the latest social media trends may not yet be aware of your business, but they may be interested. Using hashtags that are, in some way, relevant to or appropriate for your business can allow them to find you.

  • Build a community

Industry-specific tagging will allow you to reach a wider audience outside of just your friends and followers. You can join in on current discussions within your industry and encourage others to get involved in the conversation as well.


Hashtags need to be carefully chosen to enhance your social media strategy instead of rendering it useless. Therefore, you should determine what types make the most sense for your business and contribute to the success of your marketing strategy. Those are the hashtags that are the most valuable.



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