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Digital Marketing Trends that will rule in 2020

One may think that digital marketing has evolved through the decade, would it come as a surprise to you, that the term "Digital Marketing" was born in the year 1990? Three decades now from the birth of digital marketing and how the marketing strategies have changed. As opposed to the '90s, where it was only a challenge to look for something on the internet, to now, where one can find an array of information on a given topic.

E-commerce has given scope for both the customers and the marketers. On the customer front, people can easily look up to various sites, the brands have created and shop for their products and services, almost everything being a click away. When coming to business, marketing on digital platforms is cheaper when compared to traditional marketing tools like; billboards, hoardings, posters, etc. Be it a small business or big brands, Digital Marketing is the answer.

For a business to thrive in the market, it should adopt to the evolving changes in advertising. According to reports by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), Over 2.14 billion people will be global digital buyers by 2021. Thus, the marketers desperately need to bring their A-game on the digital market to triumph.

So here are few channels and ways to ace:

1. Search Engine Optimization-The keywords to success

As defined on Google, "Search Engine Optimization is a process of making a web page easy to find, easy to crawl and easy to categorize."

SEO in simple meaning is, to get more visitors to your webpage, but how?

To get web traffic, starting with promoting brands through blogging can be helpful. Try to drive as much traffic as possible for your blogs, including trending hashtags, and use the right keywords which can help in bringing the right customers to your blog.

Voice SEO is also an emerging technology, working along the same lines. Voice shopping is set to jump to $40 billion in 2022 from $2billion today.

2. Social Media Marketing-Where the market is at!

To use social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, to market products or services, is Social Media Marketing (SMM).

SMM can be more helpful than other methods of Digital Marketing, as more than half of the population is using the internet for around 11-12 hours daily.

Where on one side, SMM can be a great tool for business, it can be maddening to the audience, for they use social media to relax, and who are we kidding? Ads can be annoying!

To draw attention, it is important to have creative, engaging and entertaining content. Making your ad visible with memes or comics, would be a great attention grabber. Also, make sure you are consistent in posting.

3. Influencer Marketing- The new 'word-of-mouth' market

A newly developed concept is reaching to the key leaders of social media to market your brand. The key leaders can be celebrities, bloggers or vloggers. You need to reach the right person, to get your niche. This may get a bit on the expensive side when compared to other digital marketing channels, because sometimes you may have to pay the influencer.

63% of consumers trust influencers' opinions of products much more than what brands say about themselves, reports by Edelman. It is more like, word-of-mouth, for the audience and the influencer have already built trust.

4. Chatbots-The future of marketing

Chatbots is such excellent use of AI. Here, the software is used that mimics mostly written conversations with real persons in real-time. It helps in collecting data and getting feedback. It gives the customer a more personalized experience, making them feel valued.

Spotify, the newly introduced music app in India, is also using Chatbot.

Starbucks uses an app that draws on data like purchase history and location.

The chatbots are the future of marketing, creating more scope for the business to improve.

5. Social Video Marketing- The coming of age

The name itself suggests that Social Media Marketing is creating content with the support of a video to market or promote a product/service. This has become an important element in Digital Marketing and it can be seen that Influencers are also using this technique to create a greater impact on the audience.

The comment section below the video, only helps the marketers to get feedback, which can be used in improving their product/service. This platform will only grow in 2020.


With the start to another decade of wholesome use of the Internet, we will see emerging trends in digital marketing. From Chatbots to 360-degree videos, there are endless possibilities to attract the customers to dive into your page; one just needs to make the right choice and keep with the pace to sustain in the market. There are no more reasons to sit back and not enjoy what digital marketing has to offer. Just grab the opportunity and get on the mad race.

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